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Better Strategy - Better Execution - Better Sales - Faster to Cash

Driving in California, I recently saw a car with the following license plate cover:
Happiness is...
...Positive Cashlow

There are ways to facilitate the pursuit of happiness. Read my blog at
www.timetocash.blogspot.com or read the book "Time To Cash" (available here).

This is what other readers say of Time To Cash:

I find the book very good, very useful, and covering the topic in a way I cannot find in any other one book. I really enjoyed it. - Jerzy "Jurek" Dryndos, Founder and CEO of Logotec Group S.A.

Everything you always wanted to know about entrepreneurship, but were afraid to ask - Winelis Kavelaars, Founder and CEO of SOWNet BV

"Time To Cash provides a very practical framework that helps entrepreneurs to focus on the essentials for start-ups and that provides a guide for a number of elementary strategic decisions."  - Hans van Beek, Managing Director & Country Manager China at saongroup.com

Are you bringing a highly innovative solution to market and is cash your biggest constraint?

Does it take longer than expected to bring your product to market, devouring your available funds?

Are your customers impressed by what you demo them, but hesitant to put their money down?


You can reduce the time to cash. And TimeToCash.biz can help.


Traditional ventures are run with the following cashflow prognosis.

As long as founders, employees and investors believe that millions can and will be made, you may be able to get funding. Yet there are ways to achieve better results with less funding. Your cashflow may actually look as follows.

Entrepreneurs can shorten time to cash by following a few simple and proven principles. Focus on pain. Design for sales. Use existing infrastructure. Avoid the vision versus execution trap. These and other principles are described in the book TIME TO CASH – SEVEN KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL HIGH TECH STARTUPS.


The seven keys are:

1.      ETHOS - Build a coherent team with the right mentality. Put the foundations in place for an organization geared to teamwork, agility and results;

2.      FOCUS - Crawl-walk-run: focus on a single product market combination, which addresses an identifiable pain;

3.      OUTSMART - Create a plan of attack which leverages all your strengths. Apply strategy to see several steps ahead;

4.      STOCK – List required resources and match with available sources. There are many ways to organize the funds you need. Leverage alliances.

5.      PROCESS - Shape processes for scalability and efficiency. Build great operations.

6.      EXECUTION - Get flywheel spinning. Achieve objectives with less effort.

7.      CUSTOMERS - Confront them with pain and offer solution. Win their business, trust and money. Expand sales capacity through channel deployment. Operate channel for results.


Order the book here. You can view a selection of pages here.

Contact timetocash.biz by sending an email to Hans Vanderhoek, President, hans@timetocash.biz

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